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In order to ensure that Charlton Town officials and members of the community remain engaged and informed of the Project’s development and construction plans, the Northeast Energy Center (NEC) has been working to establish and maintain regular and open lines of communication. The Project team has been in regular contact with the Charlton Town Administrator; who in return has been providing regular briefs to the Board of Selectmen and other Charlton officials on project activities. Additionally, NEC has held multiple meetings with the Board of Selectmen, the Charlton Economic Development Council, the Charlton Fire Department, the Town Planner, the Building Commissioner, and the Tax Assessor. Now that the NEC Project is in construction, the table below will be updated over the course of the project with the latest milestone dates.

Project Timeline

October 2021 MA Energy Facility Siting Board (EFSB) Approval Received
November 2021 MassDEP (Air & Noise) Approval Received
February 2022 Prime Contractor Mobilization to Site
February – March 2022 LNG Site Clearing & Grubbing
March – May 2022 LNG Site Rough Grading
April 21 – May 6,  2022 LNG Site Controlled Blasting (SW area of site)
June 1, 6 & 8, 2022 LNG Site Controlled Blasting (Center part of site)
August – December 2022 Meter Station Installation
May 2022 – February 2023 LNG Storage Tank Erection
September – December 2022 Interconnection Pipeline Installation
October 2022 Complete Major Foundations 
March 2023 Set Major Equipment 
June 2023 LNG Facility Mechanical Completion 
July 2023 Facility Ready For Commercial Operations 

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