Description of the Facility

Northeast Energy Center has filed an updated petition with the Massachusetts Energy Facility Siting Board declaring the project’s intention to locate the state of the art facility at location along Route 169 in Charlton, MA.  This updated plan will significantly reduce construction impacts and costs as well as expand opportunities to provide enhanced LNG service to other Massachusetts natural gas distribution companies. In addition, the Northeast Energy Center project may also provide enhanced energy and resiliency opportunities to the Facility’s host community.  At this site, the Facility would immediately become an integral part of the existing and active Charlton industrial and energy zone. Over the longer term, the Facility could serve commercial, industrial, and transportation customers, thereby providing cost, reliability, and environmental benefits to Commonwealth customers by lessening the need for oil and oil products.  The initial and additional benefits of the Route 169 Site are consistent with the Commonwealth’s recently-published Comprehensive Energy Plan.

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The Facility will consist of a new gas interconnection pipeline, a gas pretreatment system, a gas liquefaction system, a field-erected, double-line or full-containment LNG storage tank, a LNG truck-loading system with three (3) bays, a distributed control and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (“SCADA”) system along with state-of-the-art fire protection, hazard detection, and security systems. The Facility will meet or exceed all relevant regulatory, design, and safety requirements and its construction and operations will have minimal impacts on the environment and the community.

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