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Project Description

The Northeast Energy Center (NEC) project located in Charlton, MA will consist of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) Facility, gas interconnection pipeline and gas meter station.  The LNG facility, located at 304 Southbridge Road, is comprised of the following major and ancillary components: a feed gas pretreatment system; a gas liquefaction system rated at 250,000 gallons per day; a 2-million gallon full-containment, field-erected LNG storage tank; an LNG truck-loading station with four bays (three with scales); a process control system as well as safety control, fire protection, hazard detection, and security systems; stormwater management infrastructure, and other ancillary systems. Several additional structures will also be constructed on the site, including a control room building, power distribution & control (PDC) building, a nitrogen compressor building, and an LNG truck-loading station shelter. A perimeter security fence will surround the site that will allow controlled, secure access to the facility.

The facility will receive natural gas vis a new approximately 5,400-linear foot interconnection pipeline extending from a new tap off of the existing Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) interstate pipeline located on 190 Southbridge Road. The proposed interconnection will be a 10-inch diameter coated steel pipeline installed along the westerly side of the Route 169 (Southbridge Road) ROW. Interconnection pipeline construction will use a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method at the two Cady Brook crossings. The southernmost HDD will also extend under Sherwood Lane and the driveways of North American Tool and Incom to minimize operational disruptions to these businesses. Tradition cut and cover construction techniques will be used for the remaining pipeline alignment.

The proposed meter station will be located at 190 Southbridge Road adjacent to the TGP ROW.  The gas metering station will monitor and control gas flow from the TGP interstate pipeline to the facility. The meter station site will consist of above ground enclosures for the metering equipment and associated valves and piping, and the electronic gas measurement computer and gas chromatograph.

Project Status

The major permitting of the project has been completed with the issue of the Final Order from the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) in October 2021, the Final Air Quality Plan Approval from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) in November 2021, and the WPA Form 5 – Order of Conditions from the Town of Charlton Conservation Commission/MassDEP Bureau of Resource Protection – Wetlands in July 2021.

NEC completed its permanent financing for the project in late 2021 and issued its Final Notice to Proceed to the EPC Contractor. Site work began in the Spring of 2022 and the facility is planned to be in-service during the Summer of 2023.

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